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KAID | Sauvignon 2020

KAID | Sauvignon 2020


From the vineyard planted in 2004, 330 meters above sea level, in a clayey and sandy soil, Kaid Sauvignon is born, a perfect synthesis of varietal notes and characteristics of the territory.

Elegant, refined, with a dense and vibrant texture, with an inexhaustible and enveloping energy that captivates without tiring, is loved for its flavor, authoritativeness, long persistence and the satisfying finish that recalls the freshly picked almond.


Color | straw yellow with bright greenish reflections

Smell | the typical varietal notes of the vine are clearly distinct and precise, reminiscent of lime, passion fruit, grapefruit, wet nettle, lavender and elderflower, to which are added delicate and subtle mineral nuances

Palate | vital, dynamic, lively due to its natural attitude, it admirably combines these exuberant characteristics with a wide and adequate structure, enhancing its charm and balanced softness


TYPE | white - DOC Sicilia - BIO VARIETY | 100% Sauvignon Blanc ALCOHOL CONTENT | 12% vol.

PAIRINGS | it goes wonderfully with fish ravioli with vegetables or turbot with rosemary

GOBLET | medium tulip, to enhance the bouquet

Soil type | hilly, clayey with medium presence of skeleton
Altitude | 330 meters above sea level
Planting year | 2004

Production area | Contrada Mandranova, countryside of Camporeale (PA) Training system | Guyot trained espalier
Plants per hectare | 4,000
Yield per hectare | 80 quintals

Harvest period | second decade of August with manual harvesting and selection of the bunches
Crushing | the grapes, de-stemmed and cooled, are then gently pressed in the absence of oxygen

Alcoholic fermentation | 15 days, in steel tanks, at low temperature (14-15 ° C)
Aging | in steel tanks, 6 months on the fine lees at 10-12 ° C Bottle aging | 2 months at a controlled temperature (18 ° C)

E' fatto divieto di acquistare alcolici ai minori di anni 18, siete altresì pregati di uscire immediatamente dal sito se non avete l'età minima prevista dalla legge per il consumo di bevande alcoliche nel paese in cui vi trovate, ovvero se vi trovate in un paese dove l'uso o anche solo la visione dei contenuti del sito non sono consentiti dalla legge.

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