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DONNATÀ | Nero d'Avola 2018

DONNATÀ | Nero d'Avola 2018


On clayey soils, rich in limestone and potassium, the vineyards of Nero d'Avola lie young and vigorous, planted since 2000 with an espalier training system with spurred cordon.

From the most significant Sicilian red berried grape comes Donnatà, a complex wine with a strong personality, which fully expresses its territory through an admirable balance and a surprising pleasantness to drink.


Color | deep ruby red with lively and luminous reflections

Smell | characterized by an articulated aromatic texture in which fragrant and intact notes of plum, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, violet, Mediterranean scrub, nutmeg and chocolate alternate

Palate | intense, vigorous and well structured, it turns out to be soft and pulsating, very pleasant to drink due to its gustatory harmony and the sweet long persistence


TYPE | red - DOC Sicilia - BIO VARIETY | 100% Nero d'Avola ALCOHOLIC CONTENT | 14% vol.

PAIRINGS | ideal with Palermo-style baked anelletti or with a succulent steak of tuna

GOBLET | slightly pot-bellied, of medium height and size

Soil type | hilly, clayey
Altitude | 330-350 meters above sea level
Planting year | 2000, 2006
Production area | Contrada Mandranova and Contrada Torretta, countryside of Camporeale (PA)

Training system | espalier with spurred cordon Plants per hectare | 4,400
Yield per hectare | 80 quintals
Harvest period | second ten days of September with manual harvesting and selection of the bunches

Maceration | About 12 days, at controlled temperature Alcoholic fermentation | 7 days at 23-26 ° C in steel tanks Malolactic fermentation | completely carried out in steel tanks with indigenous lactic bacteria
Aging | 6 months in steel tanks, a small part of the mass for 6 months in 30 hl oak barrels
Bottle aging | 10 months at controlled temperature (18 ° C)

E' fatto divieto di acquistare alcolici ai minori di anni 18, siete altresì pregati di uscire immediatamente dal sito se non avete l'età minima prevista dalla legge per il consumo di bevande alcoliche nel paese in cui vi trovate, ovvero se vi trovate in un paese dove l'uso o anche solo la visione dei contenuti del sito non sono consentiti dalla legge.

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